Six Things a Groom Should Do on His Wedding Day

When we think of weddings, we often picture a beautiful bride and a day all about her. Brides are frequently pictured as frantic whirl winds, making sure every detail is perfect, checking and rechecking every element for perfection. Many magazines and articles offer countless tips on what a bride can do the morning of her wedding to make sure that special day “stays special”. What about the groom? Grooms are many times overlooked and just expected to ‘have it all together’. Have no fear Grooms-to-be! Here are several things you can do the morning of your wedding day to make sure that special day goes as smoothly as possible. First things first, make sure you hire a professional wedding photographer. They will document every special moment and make you can relive your special day once you look back. Wedding photographer Tulum will do great work for you!

Double Check the Marriage License

scheirer_marriageThe task of procuring the marriage license is usually assigned to the groom. It’s a good idea to take care of all the legalities involved in obtaining the license way ahead of time, however, clerical mistakes do happen. Take a few minutes out of the morning to read over all the details of this document, making sure all the names and dates are correct. For example, getting married to a Maria and not Marsha (your bride’s name) could make for a really bad day.


Have Hangover Remedies On Hand

There is nothing worse than trying to get thru an important day while suffering from a hangover. If you are like most grooms and have carried out the tradition of a blowout-bash bachelor party, make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand to combat this pesky little side effect. Over the counter headache, relievers and lots of Gatorade for hydration are wonderful tools to use in clearing your body from all the toxins that you may have ingested from way too much alcohol. You may want to have enough supplies on hand for your groomsmen as well.

ringsKnow the Where, What, and Who Status on the Rings

On the morning of your wedding, make sure you know where the rings are at. Know who has them, where they will be, and what will happen to them right up until the time they are placed on the fingers of you and your bride. If the rings get lost, you will most likely not have a wonderful and enchanting wedding night.


From experience, this is one mistake that will take years to live down and will offer lots of ammunition for future arguments from both your spouse and your in-laws.